It’s over

I finally got what felt like a period about 2.5 weeks after my expected period. On Tuesday my levels dropped to 239 after which the cramping began and then unbelievable pain…I could cry even after taking 400mg of nurofen. It lasted a few hours all through dinner on our mini-holiday. I’m sitting in this beautiful restaurant making polite conversation with our server while all I wanted to do was curl up and dig my head into a pillow. 

DH has been wonderful as always about the whole event and took BabyB away from me for that evening and the next morning. He let me “rest” and let me be. Being away from home actually helped and BabyB took my mind of as always. 

I’m glad it’s done. I’m glad it’s over. At this point in time I honestly can’t think of getting pregnant again – naturally or via IVF. Maybe I’m being selfish but I need some time for myself and my family without my hormones going all over the place for once! (I’ll tell you why in my next post). 

For now, it’s done and time to move on (again!) 


3 thoughts on “It’s over

  1. rainbowbabymaker

    It’s good to take the time you need. You don’t have anyone to explain to. I hope you will be OK soon. Xo

  2. gsn

    Hi Nushi.
    I need to ask you some question about your IVF doctor in Mumbai. Can you please tell me your email ID so that I can drop an email?


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