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10 weeks – from embryo to fetus

This week we made it past 10 weeks. Our little miracle has progressed from being an embryo and into a fetus (well, at least that’s what it says in the book we’ve started reading the past two weeks). It is such a surreal feeling to just be here. Each day, I feel humbled, thank God and say a little prayer for our little boy or girl.

Scans et al:

We had our last scan a week back; just to make sure all was ok. I was going to blog about it, but then somehow didn’t get around to it. Better late than never, right!

Last week’s scan was probably the very first time that I had this pang of excitement and for a minute or two during/after the scan and all I did in my head was ‘OMG! OMG! I’m pregnant…it is actually happening’.  It was short-lived as soon all the fears of what could possibly happen in the first trimester resurfaced. So I guess, I’m better off just treading slowly and cautiously.

Usually, my scans are very quiet mainly because Dr. K who usually does my scan barely says a word. Honestly, I can probably count on my fingers how many times I have actually heard him say anything in last six months we’ve visited the clinic and what feels like a gazillion scans with him. Though…this time was different. I saw my uterus and I saw the baby – it was “easy peasy” in my little niece’s words. No finding – no probing. He checked for the heartbeat and was giving the nurse some numbers when I saw it move! It…the baby…the little fetus actually moved…right there in front of me! I also saw those paddle like hands flicker. I looked at Dr. K and asked him, is that what I think it is…and he just calmly replied saying ‘yes, all looks good’. In my head I said to him ‘How can you be so calm?!? I just saw my baby moving’.

It was and still is the most wonderful feeling. I’m just glad all is good and progressing well. I can’t shake that feeling off me and I don’t want to. Every time, I think of it…I have this huge sigh of relief…and feel so grateful that DH and I are able to make it this far.

There are a couple of tiny not so good bits about going for scans at our clinic.

  1. I couldn’t hear the heartbeat because the machine he was using wasn’t equipped to do that (I know…bummer!);
  2. DH hasn’t come in even once (big bummer…!). Our clinic is in Mumbai and maybe a bit traditional not allowing male partners into the scanning rooms. I’m hoping to check with the Dr. N next time to see if he will make an exception;
  3. Lastly, the scanning equipment is a bit dated again and can’t provide us with images. My solution to this is to go in with my cell phone, and take pictures for DH next time. Lets see if that’ll work.

But in the grander scheme of things, DH and I don’t really mind. We’ve grown fond of my clinic and the staff there. Also, there are alternatives for taking care of the three points above…

Oh also, almost forgot! They bumped up my expected due date by a couple of days. I was pretty kicked about it. So when we went for the scan, I thought we were at 9w but the scan showed 9w4d!

Nuchal scan and blood work:

Our clinic does not do the 11-13 weeks nuchal scan. So we’ve booked ourselves into a good diagnostic centre at 12 weeks, which is on Monday, 15-July. When I spoke to them, they said that test will take about 45 minutes and there is a good possibility they will let DH stay with me. This will be followed by several blood tests all to check the baby’s health and progress.

I read all about the nuchal scan and how it can tell you about your baby’s risk for Down syndrome and other problems. I was a tad bit worried about what the results will show and what they mean. But then, one of these days I happened to speak to my sister who has two daughters aged almost  3 years and 4 years. I asked her how she felt going in for the nuchal scan, was it a big deal etc. and she simply said, ‘you can’t change the results, so just go with the flow’! So simple and so true! It was a gentle reminder of what we’ve been doing all along…just going with the flow. Since that conversation, I can say I am less worried about it.

Amongst other news:

  1.  Morning sickness (I call it “all-day sickness”) is sticking with me. I’m handling it a little better each day though and realised most of the time, the throwing up is triggered by strong smells. Also, the two days after my progesterone shot are the worst for the nausea feeling probably due to all the raised hormone levels in my body;
  2. My sense of smell is elated. Anything sweet makes me want to throw up! This includes, my body wash, my shampoo and conditioner (I can’t even smell my own hair), my perfumes, my husband’s moisturizer. One day, I almost made him shower right after he got out of the shower just to rub that moisturizer off him (the poor thing!)
  3. Surprisingly, I’m off chocolate (my biggest weakness before pregnancy). I can’t have hot cocoa, or a piece of chocolate or a tiny piece of cake during an office birthday. I guess, its good for the baby anyway, so not complaining here;
  4. I’ve been up twice in the last ten days hungry for a mid-night snack. The first time it happened, I thought it was hilarious. DH offered me a whole bunch of things from cereal milk, to whole grain crackers and fruits. I requested for yoghurt and rice and had a nice big bowlful at 3AM! Fortunately, the second time it happened, the crackers sufficed;
  5. I think I have teeny tiny bulge appearing this week. 8w vs. 10w – what do you think?

8weeks - Version 3 10 weeks - Version 2


Am completely off what I love doing the most…cooking!

I can’t remember the last time I cooked or helped myself to something from the fridge. The kitchen is completely off-limits for a couple of weeks now. Even the thought of going into the kitchen (even as a type this and I swear I am not exaggerating!) makes me want to barf!

So how do I manage to control my nausea and still manage to keep things in?

  1. Andy – my dear husband.

I never call him DH and neither do I take pride in glorifying him in front of others. That’s just not us. We’re one of those couples who constantly make fun of each other or pulls each others’ leg out in the open. Though deep down I have profound appreciation for him as a person, as a man, as a son, as a husband and (hopefully soon enough…) one day as a father.

I have recently started helping out in our in-laws family business where Andy works so        we’re pretty much together through the day. I just have to look at him with my ‘I’m not doing so good look’ and he’s up and out of the office rummaging through the kitchen to get me something that’ll soothe my taste buds.

It honestly is no easy task. I try to put myself in his shoes and often wonder what I’d be doing. For example, Andy is up around 6-630am every other day to go to the gym and I’m up at around 7am. I need to have something almost as soon as I’m up otherwise the throwing up begins. When I’m up, I see a bowl of cereal, a small glass of milk and a cut fruit all nicely cling filmed sitting by my bedside. Even on the days that he doesn’t go to the gym, my food is by my bedside when I get up and he is sound asleep right next to me…not sure how he does it but I love him so much for doing it 🙂

2. My mom.

One of the perks of moving back to India and living just 15 mins from my parents’ place is that I get to have mom’s food anytime I want. Lately, it seems like her food is the only food I crave, I want and keep down. She couldn’t be more thrilled about it because she takes pride in the fact that I can eat only her food in my state. If it were up to her, she’d be more than happy if I moved back in with them for sometime!

Anyway, that’s not happening but it’s a blessing to have my mom so close by. I either swing by for lunch and get a goodie bag for dinner or send one of our office boys to get me packed lunches and dinners (sorry – I know I am being pampered!)

3. Domestic help.

Last but not the least, I feel fortunate for having enough domestic help around the house where I don’t have to force myself to cook, clean or do the laundry. Another BIG advantage of living in India and with my in-laws particularly is that we have that …and I feel pretty lucky to have them around. These guys are like family, been working for my in-laws for over 10-12 years. If Andy’s not around, they are super helpful and get me anything I need either from the kitchen or outside. There’s also a full-time cook making sure I don’t need to get in the kitchen if I don’t want to…(it’s a separate issue that I am a control freak, I prefer cooking my own food or giving her very specific instructions!)

So yes, I miss cooking…it used to soothe me, take the pressure off, and put a smile on my face. Now I have to hold my breadth every time I pass by the kitchen…the things pregnancy does to you! 🙂

…and we have a HB!

At my 7w1d scan yesterday, our little miracle had a fetal heart rate of 155!

Still not out of the woods as Dr. N says anything can happen in the first trimester especially because this wasn’t a natural pregnancy, so just don’t know. But…(and this is a good “but”) I am starting to feel good about this slowly. DH and I are taking a day as it comes and being as realistic as we can. I guess part of me feels guilty about wanting to move on when I have been on the other side dealing with infertility wanting bond with other women out there and take inspiration from each others’ stories. That was the purpose of starting this blog, and I’m going to try my best not to turn it into some sharing pregnancy update blog – though will keep others posted on my situation every now and then.

So how am I doing?

– Taking post IVF meds round the clock, including the weekly progesterone injections

– Removing my pants and lying down with my legs wide open at the clinic each time now has become second nature to me

– (sorry TMI but no one tells you this…) Severe constipation thanks to all the progesterone meds. I am trying to be strict with myself about taking walks everyday – that seems to help

– I am craving to go out and eat a nice meal at a restaurant. I haven’t eaten outside food (restaurants / hotels etc) for almost 40 days..that is, since egg retrieval happened . I know… sounds a bit extreme but this was actually recommended by our clinic. They don’t want me to take any chances with contaminated food, especially in the monsoons in India

– Nausea and I have a ‘love – hate’ relationship going on at the moment… when it is present, I wonder when it will go away and when it is absent, I wonder if all is ok in there!

Otherwise – all is well and hoping it stays that way!