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All you need is one good one…

Over the last few months I have tried to educate myself about the IVF procedure, what numbers mean and more recently became part of the IVF community on babycentre.com. I have read stories about women being overstimulated suffering from ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS), others who go on to have full cycles (with positive or negative results) with a good number of eggs (> 5-8 mature follicles), and then others who are low responders with few follicles and even fewer eggs.

For us, one of our fears starting IVF was to be in the first or the last category because both categories push couples to make the tough decision of whether they should go ahead in the IVF cycle and take that added risk or cancel the IVF cycle altogether.

I’m not sure as to where we will fit in amongst these three categories but I am guessing over-stimulation seems a bit far out for us at this point in time. On day 6 of stimulation today, I had 6 follicles in total that could be viewed on the scan and other small ones. Of these, Dr.N believes that only two were growing as expected while the others were yet too small so he has upped my dose of FSH and Menotropin.

I have another scan lined up on Saturday. I will admit that I didn’t receive the results of my scan quite well. DH made an earnest effort to make me feel better that didn’t quite work (feel bad for him sometimes dealing with all my hormones – but I do think he should know better by now).

I made amends with my (our) situation and am trying to stay positive. In the end, all it takes is one good egg from one mature follicle! Well, that is what I am hoping for at least. 🙂