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Completely forgot…

…to mention yesterday that I’m off all the post-IVF / pregnant after IVF medications! Another positive of beginning the second trimester. I will admit that I was a tad bit scared to stop the progesterone suppositories and the injections because I’ve been taking them since before the embryo transfer and they’d become such a big part of our daily routine. I used to move around with all the meds in my bag every time I stepped out just to make sure I didn’t miss taking them on time.

Good bye Duphaston 10mg – Three times a day

Good bye Prognova 2mg – Three times a day

Good bye Naturogest Progesterone capsules – Twice a day

Good bye weekly progesterone oil injections

There is a possibility that my nausea is better because I stopped the medications but then there’s no way of telling!


…and we have a HB!

At my 7w1d scan yesterday, our little miracle had a fetal heart rate of 155!

Still not out of the woods as Dr. N says anything can happen in the first trimester especially because this wasn’t a natural pregnancy, so just don’t know. But…(and this is a good “but”) I am starting to feel good about this slowly. DH and I are taking a day as it comes and being as realistic as we can. I guess part of me feels guilty about wanting to move on when I have been on the other side dealing with infertility wanting bond with other women out there and take inspiration from each others’ stories. That was the purpose of starting this blog, and I’m going to try my best not to turn it into some sharing pregnancy update blog – though will keep others posted on my situation every now and then.

So how am I doing?

– Taking post IVF meds round the clock, including the weekly progesterone injections

– Removing my pants and lying down with my legs wide open at the clinic each time now has become second nature to me

– (sorry TMI but no one tells you this…) Severe constipation thanks to all the progesterone meds. I am trying to be strict with myself about taking walks everyday – that seems to help

– I am craving to go out and eat a nice meal at a restaurant. I haven’t eaten outside food (restaurants / hotels etc) for almost 40 days..that is, since egg retrieval happened . I know… sounds a bit extreme but this was actually recommended by our clinic. They don’t want me to take any chances with contaminated food, especially in the monsoons in India

– Nausea and I have a ‘love – hate’ relationship going on at the moment… when it is present, I wonder when it will go away and when it is absent, I wonder if all is ok in there!

Otherwise – all is well and hoping it stays that way!