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Blogging again!

I know I disappeared and it reflects badly on me. I thought several times about different things to blog about and didn’t want this to become just another baby update or how it is about being a Mamma. After staying away from blogging (and instead writing in a separate journal) I have finally come around to accepting it. I am a Mamma and what I do most of the day is related to my baby so why not. Why should I not write about it? If my thoughts or experience helps others – Why not? Thank you Ms. A for reminding me whether or not I write my blog it still reaches out to people who email me every now and then to check on my experience and seek out advice (however limited). Thank you. So I am (hopefully) back. I didn’t want to start a new blog and the title of the original one didn’t seem appropriate anymore so just a small change. By no means am I saying baby raising is not fun. It is the best job and adventure I’ve been on and honestly the ‘not easy’ part is THE BEST bit! It challenges me on a whole new level and loving every bit of it. And for those who are interested – that’s Baby B @14 months walking around like a little lady already and barely wants to be held nowadays! (Oh! how I miss when she was little). DSC_0129


It’s a girl!

Our miracle baby girl arrived at 10:52am on 14-01-14 weighing 3.1kg and measuring 19.3inches in length. We are counting our blessings. She is daddy’s little girl in looks and temperament and both, DH and I, cannot get enough of her.

The three of us are coping well and are now at home at my mum and dad’s place. The first night wasn’t half as bad as what I’d heard. Our little one is a complete darling and follows a nice feed-sleep-pee routine. She has minor jaundice (common amongst new borns apparently). Despite that she hasn’t been fussy. As for me, I have something called “spinal headache” a rare side effect of taking spinal anaesthesia for the elective c-section. Without getting into too many details basically I get a headache like no other when sitting up or standing though I am “ok” so long as I am horizontal or in a lying down position. It’s a situation that should take anywhere between 4-14 days to recover from. Until then, I’ve been told to lay down and rest.

It’s a bit of a downer for me- I’ve been waiting to be a hands on mom, take care of our little one, and just enjoy every moment as a family. However, I lay down for most of the day, get up to breastfeed and maybe go to the loo! On the bright side, I’m seeing this amazing side of DH. He is super Dad overnight taking care of our little one’s every need and requirement…from nappy changes, sponge baths, waking up to her cry through the night and the day and even feeding now! (I started expressing).

I have no words to describe how amazing he’s been with her and (fussy /hormonal) me. I know I’ve used the word “amazing” several times already but I am just so much in awe of him. Makes me fall in love with him all over again. How did I get so lucky ?!? I wonder at times 😊

We can’t get enough of our little baby girl. At times I still find it hard to believe that she’s all ours. We finally made a happy and healthy baby and she’s ours to keep. Feel blessed!

PS: Thank you all for your love and support.