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Blogging again!

I know I disappeared and it reflects badly on me. I thought several times about different things to blog about and didn’t want this to become just another baby update or how it is about being a Mamma. After staying away from blogging (and instead writing in a separate journal) I have finally come around to accepting it. I am a Mamma and what I do most of the day is related to my baby so why not. Why should I not write about it? If my thoughts or experience helps others – Why not? Thank you Ms. A for reminding me whether or not I write my blog it still reaches out to people who email me every now and then to check on my experience and seek out advice (however limited). Thank you. So I am (hopefully) back. I didn’t want to start a new blog and the title of the original one didn’t seem appropriate anymore so just a small change. By no means am I saying baby raising is not fun. It is the best job and adventure I’ve been on and honestly the ‘not easy’ part is THE BEST bit! It challenges me on a whole new level and loving every bit of it. And for those who are interested – that’s Baby B @14 months walking around like a little lady already and barely wants to be held nowadays! (Oh! how I miss when she was little). DSC_0129


My fellow infertility bloggers

I’ve been away from the blogging the past few weeks but not away from the community. Reading updates from fellow bloggers brought about gamut of emotions over the past two weeks. When we embarked on the IVF journey and started blogging, I made new friends…women I could relate to almost immediately without ever meeting them or knowing their real names. At times, it wasn’t even necessary to see their ‘My Story’. We were all on the same wild ride of physical and mental emotions that infertility brings to you.

Some of us went on to becoming pregnant, some fell pregnant and but lost their little ones along the way and some regain strength and move on to trying again after failed or cancelled cycles. While I feel fortunate for having come this far along in our pregnancy, my heart aches for fellow bloggers who are either not out of the woods or have/are dealing with loss in pregnancy. I don’t always respond to posts, but always have them in my thoughts and pray for their well-being. I thought I was brave but all these women (barrenbetty, manju, ecutri, IVFfervescent, missyCC, becky to name a few) have redefined bravery and courage for me.

Addition after publishing this post:

NewtoIVF, I knew I was missing someone important on my list. Sorry about that and hope you are doing better.