Update and apologies

First, I’d like to apologise for being so hasty in writing a blog about my ectopic pregnancy no. 4. I’m barely 3-4 weeks along and its too soon to say (or see) anything. I got carried away and believed the technician who said she ‘thinks’ she saw something on the ovary.

In conclusion so far, I am pregnant and it is not an ovarian ectopic pregnancy.

This is what happened today:

1. I visited my gynaecologist

2. I visited a senior and more experienced radiologist recommended by my gynac

3. We got my 2nd beta HCG blood draw showing a level of 211.9

My beta HCG increased but did not double in 48hours. My gynaecologist and the sr. radiologist are both in agreement that we DO NOT know where this pregnancy is yet and they don’t confirm it as an ectopic (yet!). They both said there 50% chance given my history that this will be an ectopic but at the same time, there is no reason to believe that just yet. Also, given that it is this early on (only 3-4weeks) in the pregnancy there is a 50% chance that we might still find it and it might just be intrauterine. In addition, the pain I am experiencing is in fact the corpus luteum cyst which may have ruptured causing the pain on my right side. There is no indicative mass on my right tube or anything else suggesting an ectopic. On the flip side, there is no yolk sac in the uterus.

So, yes, I am pregnant and we just don’t know where it is and only time will tell whether it is viable or not. I am not hoping either ways honestly and just trying to take a day as it comes. My next blood draw is in 48hours and we will know more then. In the meantime, if I spot or bleed or am in acute pain, need to rush to the doctor again.

A genuine thank you to Manju for guiding me correctly. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Update and apologies

  1. rainbowbabymaker

    It’s possible for it to be a chemical pregnancy. It happened to me the way that you describe it. And yet couldn’t find where the pregnancy was located.


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