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Completely forgot…

…to mention yesterday that I’m off all the post-IVF / pregnant after IVF medications! Another positive of beginning the second trimester. I will admit that I was a tad bit scared to stop the progesterone suppositories and the injections because I’ve been taking them since before the embryo transfer and they’d become such a big part of our daily routine. I used to move around with all the meds in my bag every time I stepped out just to make sure I didn’t miss taking them on time.

Good bye Duphaston 10mg – Three times a day

Good bye Prognova 2mg – Three times a day

Good bye Naturogest Progesterone capsules – Twice a day

Good bye weekly progesterone oil injections

There is a possibility that my nausea is better because I stopped the medications but then there’s no way of telling!