Why start this blog?

My life always revolved around a plan – finish studying by the age of 25-26, get married at the age of 26, start trying for a baby three years after marriage and become a mother when I was 30.

The first time we conceived was in Jan 2011, just as planned since I was 6-7 months short of turning 30. Our so called “plan” started falling a part when I was diagnosed with an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.

Since then, I have survived 2 other failed pregnancies (one ectopic + chemical or ectopic) in my only remaining tube before finally moving on to IVF in 2013.

Trying to make a baby of our own has not been easy for me or my dear husband (without his support I KNOW I would have lost my sanity). Through this blog, I am hoping to share my story and reach out to many who gather support from others’ experiences – just as I have in these last two years.


6 thoughts on “Why start this blog?

    1. Nushi Post author

      Thanks Project Mom! Means a lot 🙂 Read that you’ve started feeling the flutters! How exciting! I can’t wait to feel them…

      Guess I’m just trailing right behind you! Good luck to you as well.


  1. pallavi

    Hi Nushi,

    Reading your blog brought out all the past, but in a nice way. I conceived wid d 3rd iui in Sep 12 and now mother to a baby boy who is 10 mths….
    I remember the visits to the doctor–i must say she was really good and helpful, scans, waiting for the results when i was ttc as i had pcod. The pain and depression i felt for 1.5 yrs before i conceived the first time was bad but i withstood becoz of hubby and family.
    I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in 6th week of pregnancy and all the precautions taken for a happy pregnancy, insulin shots in semester and the pregnancy scans and all.

    God bless you and ur little angel.

    1. Nushi Post author

      Hi Pallavi

      Thank you so much for your comments and congratulations on your baby boy! It’s amazing how something like this creates a bond between complete strangers…isn’t ? I hope you and your boy are well and wish you the best.

  2. feelingmiserable

    Hi, Nice to know your story has a happy ending.. Mine not yet.. I am TTC for 6 years now. In the process i have lost my job, my hobbies, my socialising and my sanity (well, almost). I am 35 now with 3 failed IUIs behind me and I pray for a miracle every month…

    1. Nushi Post author

      I’m very sorry for the delayed response. I pray and hope for a happy ending at your end. It’s hard and not many get it. I hope you find some way of channeling your energy. For us, I tried my best not to let baby making take over our lives. For good or for bad, taking care of our baby right now definitely has!

      I hope things turn around for you and soon. Your miracle baby will come along …just keep strong and don’t give up hope.


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