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Choosing the right hospital in Mumbai

DH and I have reached a stage where we need to decide which hospital we’d like to register with to have our baby in January next year. Dr.N offers to continue being my doctor and deliver the baby but he only operates at Breach Candy Hospital in South Mumbai – a good 1.5hr-2.0hr journey for me in peak traffic (not to mention the bumpy roads!!). So while our delivery is most likely to be an elective c-section where we’ll know the date and check ourselves into the hospital before I go into labour, we need a back-up close to home hospital in case of an emergency.

This brings me to our third ectopic pregnancy in June 2012 when I got treated at the closest hospital to home – Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (KDAH). For many who are familiar with Mumbai and medical services here might wonder why I wouldn’t want to go to a hospital that is considered ‘amongst the best hospitals in Mumbai’ and which is only 15 mins away from home.

Well, here’s why…

This is an unedited version of a journal entry I made last year after I got discharged from KDAH:

Our third ectopic pregnancy: June 2012

On Fri 01-Jun AM, got a BFP in our second month of trying. I was about 4w then and had what started as mild spotting in the afternoon to some bleeding. 

On Sat 02-Jun AM, I was ready to head out for my first blood draw and had shooting pain on my right side for about two hours followed by some bleeding.

– Blood draws showed HcG at 427 and the scan showed a bulge on my right tube suggesting an ectopic. However, it was very difficult to see anything else on the scan because I was having some bleeding behind my uterus (yes at 4 weeks!)

– The doc was really concerned about the fluid /bleeding behind the uterus (she thought my body was aborting the pregnancy) and wanted to keep me under observation at the hospital just in case something were to go wrong. This really threw me off guard as I thought at just 4weeks we do a blood draw and just head home! So we start the procedure to check into the hospital etc etc.

– The next thing I know I’m being put on IV and have been told not to eat. DH and I get really concerned thinking maybe they not telling us something and have plans to put me in the operation theatre (OT). I checked with the registrar and she insisted that this was all precautionary given my history. 

– The evening went fine. They let me eat a bit and said they’ll do another blood draw in the morning to get an indication of what’s going on and in all likelyhood discharge me. 

On Sun 3-Jun AM, they do another blood draw. DH and I by now are trying to come to terms with my 3rd EP and the doc comes in the afternoon with an HcG number of 23,000! We were stumped and didn’t know what was going on. This only meant that one of my two results was wrong and the lab had made a gross error. Given the findings of my scan, the doc had reason to believe that the HcG of 23,000 was correct and I must be around 8weeks instead of 4weeks. She was giving instructions to get me into an OT to remove my tube before my vitals started going down. I had come to terms with removing my only tube, but in this manner when all the numbers didn’t make any sense just didn’t feel right. 

My mind was going all over the place – there was no way that I had been pregnant for 8 weeks and not known it! Even if I was 8 weeks and my levels were 23,000 – why didn’t they see a sac anywhere?!?! The doc had no response to that – she suggested we do one more blood draw and just go by those figures and dismiss what we have seen so far. 

For me by now I lost all faith in anything they said to me – I didn’t know what to believe and what not to believe. DH suggested that we check the lab results against an outside lab and not KDAH (which fortunately was possible to do). After a gruelling afternoon, we finally got our results back and HcG levels had dropped to 297! (which means that the 23,000 was all wrong and they mixed my results with someone else!). Thankfully, they discharged me and we were able to come home in the evening.

My levels are hopefully dropping now and the body is aborting the pregnancy. My right (and only) tube is no good after going through two EPs so we will have to think about removing that tube once this is all settled – but in our own time when I am mentally ready. Our only way to try to have a baby now is IVF – something I’m not mentally ready for yet. 

Honestly, this wasn’t even the worst part about KDAH. We accepted that they’d made a mistake and wanted to move on. However, when we came to collect some post-discharge papers a couple of days later, they changed the numbers on my HcG results, the timings of the blood draws and even refused to share my results with me stating that ‘It was the hospital’s property and not mine’. The way they treated DH and me on that day was despicable and for that reason I hope I never have to go back to KDAH ever again…I just simply don’t trust them. We did manage to get the reports eventually, some true, some not so true…but it didn’t matter by then.

The reason I am posting this after over a year is because I don’t want the hospital to take advantage of another innocent couple who might not be as ‘aware’ as DH and I and chose to put their full faith in their doctor without asking any questions. Taking on-board other opinions as to what happened, there is a serious doubt whether my third pregnancy was an ectopic or a chemical pregnancy! Also, the doctor at KDAH strongly believed that if I ever wanted to have a child even through IVF, removing my only tube was the first step….yet…I am 15weeks pregnant today without removing my non-functional right tube! (Thanks Dr.N!)