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Still feel like I’m sitting on the fence…

This has been an interesting week. We got our positive beta hCG test, the numbers more than doubled; we got another test done at a separate lab just in case the first one had messed up (yes! It has happened to us in the past) and at 20dp3dt my levels were at 13,560…a level I have never achieved before with any of our previous pregnancies.

So that’s good news right? I should be happy? But I am just OK! Well it’s not right of me to say I’m not happy, but I’m just afraid that if I start being happy, it will all be taken away from me…so I chose to be realistic until we are completely out of the woods. The docs think I should smile, the nurse thinks I should smile and even DH keeps asking me…why am I not smiling!!

I asked myself all the whys? And realised, that I have no control over this anymore (not that I did in the even in the beginning!). So why fuss, why be worried, why be scared? Sounds easy… but it is just so difficult to force myself to to feel a certain way.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am more than grateful to be where we are today. We even had our first early pregnancy scan yesterday and it was an overwhelming moment. I saw our sweet little pea…right there where it should be! And this is definitely a couple of steps ahead of where we’ve been before BUT we have a long long way to go! (Somehow that seems to supersede the former joy for me).

Anyway – so I am 5w6d as of today. I am still on all the post-IVF meds including the progesterone suppositories and a weekly progesterone oil injection. I think these will continue until for a few more weeks. I have all the early pregnancy symptoms taking over me – nausea, overly sensitive nose, bloating, queasiness, sore boobs – you name it! I am not complaining because I know that this only means that our sweet little pea is growing healthy and fine and my body is adjusting to its presence. That’s a good sign and I will hold on to it for now 🙂


More anxiety …and more patience

I can now say …. DH and I are cautiously expecting! 🙂

My beta HCG came back positive…I am still having a very hard time believing it and it still hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

So my numbers were:

14dp3dt 1230

17dp3dt 4927

It’s still very early so I’m trying really hard to ONLY take a day as it comes. And yes- the coming days will be full of more anxiety. 🙂 We have a scan scheduled next week to see that the pregnancy is in the uterus…it’s probably going to be most nerve racking for me given our history of first scans…but trying my best to stay positive and enjoy this moment.