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34 week update

We’ve made it across the “safe” zone this week and are counting our blessings. I stumbled on this list of questions used by a fellow blogger and thought I’d do my next update using those (with some additions of my own).

How far along:
34weeks and 3 days

How big is baby:
They say a large cantaloupe! šŸ™‚

Last scan:

All seems normal. Baby’s vital parts are all around the 34week+ mark. Amniotic fluid is normal. Fetal heart rate of 145bpm. Placenta low lying and 2.5cms away from internal OS (moved up slightly from 1.7cm @30weeks)

What the last scan indicates:
All is normal šŸ™‚ we are what seems to be a safe zone now (in case I go into labour anytime before I’m due). All developments are done and now the baby is only putting on weight. The baby is also in the correct position and since the placenta has moved up, the head is possibly clear for normal delivery. Though Dr.S says ours is a “precious” baby and given our history it’s most likely to be an elective c-section. She even went ahead and told us to pick an approximate date!

Approximate birth date:
13th – 18th January 2014

Lots of jabs all over the bump and more and more each day. I think our baby already has a personality because it’s most active when I’m by myself or DH and I are alone. I also discovered that it calms down when I play this one Indian prayer. I wonder if it will help calm our baby when he or she is fussy (wishful thinking?!? Maybe!)

The less said the better. There are good sleep days and then there are full nights of trying every possible position to fall asleep. I am carrying high so I feel many jabs in my ribs particularly when I’m lying down and trying to sleep. But honestly, doesn’t bother me one bit when I think of our little one in our arms a few weeks from now.

What do I miss:
Nothing really šŸ™‚ I love being the way I am…bigger, bloatier, heavier, waddling like a duck when most of maternity wear is also not very helpful. I am only counting our blessings that we’re almost making it across now. I will admit I’m getting clumsier and forgetful by the day.

Best moment of this week:
Loads but one of them surely stands out. My sister is visiting us with her girls (aged 3 and 4). They refer to the baby as “Baby B” (our last name begins with a “B”). I try and spend most of my day with them and every now and then when they whiz past me they would both either gently caress the bump or give gentle kisses (a totally “awww” moment) asking me “Is baby B doing ok?”.

What Iā€™m looking forward to:
Our baby’s arrival and keeping all things crossed for things to go smoothly.

Less than one month to go!


What I love these days…

What I love these days is waking up to the cool winter chill in Mumbai (23 deg feels so good compared to the 30+ deg temperature through the day), chirping birds and the soft jabs I get from our baby. I take the nudging from the little one as a sign for me to get up and get something to eat (usually do cereal and milk). I eat in the dark with a night light on not to disturb DH and once I start eating, my bump is literally dancing and moving and popping in and out from all different angles and places. When I giggle at times, DH puts his hand on the bump gently trying to tap our baby to sleep (it’s super cute, I don’t know if it works or not).

So this is the image I love nowadays. Me sitting at 5:30-6am every morning, having cereal and milk on my bed in the bed with my legs propped on a pillow, DH’s hand on our bump and our dearest little one moving around like he or she has had a good nights sleep and is up for a new days activities! šŸ˜Š

Who would have thought we’d get so far!