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30 week update – getting through the final stretch

Wow! This sure is the longest I’ve been away from blogging. No excuses honestly…I just didn’t get around to writing. There hasn’t been much of an update and neither have I wanted to blog about anything in particular. I have been following my dear blogging friends and speaking to a few on baby centre forums going through  infertility treatments and ectopic pregnancies, sharing my experience and offering them my support.

Although I am on the January 2014 birth clubs, I pretty much feel like I lack this sense of belonging on those groups. Yes, I am pregnant like most on that group and I am going through most of the changes along with them but the sentiments or the feelings behind any of those changes is quite different. I participate if and when I have something to contribute, otherwise, I stay away and am usually a silent reader. I wonder if birth clubs for pregnancies after loss/infertility would have different posts compared to normal posts/topics on birth clubs. I don’t mean to imply that the topics or the posts discussed are mundane or not important. Of course they are and they bring out the light side of pregnancy. Why would someone not be excited about their bump, or a silly story about passing gas in public, or discuss how their sex lives have changed. These women are enjoying their pregnancies and who knows…in all likelihood I would be participating like everyone else on there if it weren’t for our history. It’s just that after going through what we went through I welcome all the normalcy in our pregnancy and symptoms with open arms.

For example, in our first trimester, the nausea bothered me in the first trimester but I didn’t say to myself ‘why me’ or ‘when will this go’. I knew it was happening for a reason and went along with it. In our second trimester, I wasn’t allowed to travel much when many spoke about their breaks and baby moon travel. I welcomed staying in the city and found alternatives to give myself and DH a break. I couldn’t be bothered about sharing our news and wanted to protect our bump as long as possible. And now, in our third trimester, when the acid reflux and baby movements keep me up all night long, I can’t be bothered or complain about how tired and exhausted I feel through the day. I just love the fact that the baby is active and take that as a sign that all is well inside. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t sleep on purpose because I fear I won’t feel the baby and be able to track its movements. I guess even if you leave our history out, I’ve been a paranoid person and with this pregnancy coming this far along, I don’t think I will stop ‘being paranoid’ even after our precious little one is in our arms. Well, maybe a sigh of relief for a moment but no more!

Today, we had our 29-30 week scan. It was just a normal Obs/Growth scan to check if all was good, placenta position and levels of amniotic fluid. My last scan was at 18weeks when the placenta was low-lying and almost touching internal os. Today, at 30weeks, it was still low-lying but it seems to have moved up (slightly) and is 1.7cms away from internal os (when 2cms is considered normal). The remaining growth measurements all came out normal. The sound of that heartbeat brought tears to my eyes once again and a close up view of the face showed us a our shy baby with its tiny hands covering part of its face. It was a priceless moment, specially seeing the look on DH’s face.

It still is very difficult being happy or rather excited. Many in the family tell me that I’m fine, everything is progressing well and I should enjoy the pregnancy. I honestly try though at a very subconscious level I can’t help but be cautious. In the last two weeks, I’ve read of heart breaking stories about a couple of my fellow bloggers who have lost their babies along the way and one of them who is critical in the hospital (due to placenta praevia).  My heart aches for them. No one should go through what they are going through and it’s just not fair.

People around me don’t know what it takes for us or other couples like us who have dealt with loss and infertility to get where we are. They don’t know the pain, they don’t know the agony, they don’t know what it feels like when your body deceives you time and again, they don’t know what it feels like when you keep thinking ‘things will never be normal again’, they don’t know what goes into picking yourself up from what feels like a deep dark hole you think you’ll never come out of but somehow your strength and resilience prevail and you manage to get out of it.

I pray for them and I pray for us. Just hoping to get through the next 8-10 weeks smoothly and hold our baby in our hand.


Anomaly scan and 18week update

Earlier this week, we had our anomaly scan. The scan is usually done 18-20 weeks. We got it done earlier (at 18weeks) than later because we wanted to make sure all was ok with the baby and DH was travelling for about 10 days so we thought closer to 20weeks might be a bit too late.

For those, who don’t know what it is or haven’t had one, it’s the mid-pregnancy scan that thoroughly checks the baby’s anatomy for any abnormalities. It examines each organ in detail and dates the growth and development of each organ…(honestly, I didn’t know that until we got the report!) I will admit that I was a bit nervous as the scan date approached and even had a minor breakdown the day before. DH couldn’t stop laughing and blamed it on my hormones!

We reached the diagnostic centre and fortunately didn’t have a long wait. The sonographer remembered me from my 12week scan, which was a bit comforting. While she seemed quite nice and interactive, once she got started, she turned the monitor away from me and didn’t talk much. The scan took about 40 minutes as the baby kept moving and the sonographer had to press real hard at times to get a proper image. Lucky for DH – he got to see our little one for a full 40 minutes! For me, I kept trying to make sense out the expressions the sonographer and DH were making…long faces, sighs, squinting eyes at times. One of those times when I looked at DH, he signalled saying all looked fine. For me that didn’t offer much comfort or relief because he was looking at something like this for the first time himself…how would he know anyway!

Anyway, yes, all is fine with our not so little bun…well almost fine but will get to that later. Our little one measured between 18weeks and 19weeks for all the different body parts. After the she was through, the sonographer showed us all the body parts one after the other. From the top – the head, the brain, the spine which sparkled like a jewelled necklace, the heart (even the four ventricles!), the kidneys, the bladder which was full indicating its functioning well, the hands, and the feet (which were super cute and moving around). We heard the heart beat again…the most beautiful sound for me. Each time I think about that sound, I get overwhelmed and it brings tears to my eyes. Never imagined there would come a day when we would get to hear that sound.

Many couples are able to find out the baby’s gender around this time (or during this scan if the baby is in the right position). For us, that wasn’t an option. India has a high rate of prenatal sex determination and female infanticide so the government has banned sex/gender determination though it is still carried on widely illegally. Unfortunately, this happens not only in the rural people who lack education but also occurs in urban educated people who prefer the ‘male’ child to carry on the family legacy. At this point, I want to know the gender of the baby from a convenience point of view but DH doesn’t. Our history with losses and fertility issues has taken away the ‘need’ to have that element of surprise when the baby is born. Well, since it is not even option for us…no point going on about this.

Now to the not so completely fine bit – it seems my placenta is in the anterior position but still low-lying (small bummer!) I’ve been told to take it easy – no stress, limited road travel and no getting out of the city just in case…so good-bye babymoon! Looking at the big picture, I just want the baby to be safe and won’t harp on what I can’t do or what I thought I’d be able to in the second trimester too much.

Speaking of second trimesters – I started iron and calcium supplements at around 13weeks. I really struggled with the iron ones which made me sick and throw up every other day. Dr. N said that they take some adjusting so I should continue despite the throwing up. However, this week during our visit I insisted on trying an alternative. Dr. N suggested two smaller doses of iron (instead of one big dose) and another calcium supplement in the middle of the day. For those who are on supplements ensure that (1) you don’t take iron and calcium together (2) take the iron supplement with vitamin C…like a glass of orange juice, it helps keep the supplement down and increases iron absorption).

Other than that, I’m doing much better pregnancy symptom-wise.

  • Nausea: Practically gone. I have been afraid to say this out loud thinking it will show up when I least expect it!
  • Appetite: It’s back! (hurray!) I have finally started putting on some weight
  • Food cravings: None! Though I definitely know what I want to eat and not eat. Still loving outside food more than home cooked food
  • Smells: More tolerant towards stronger smells but some occasionally still put me off!
  • Gas: The less said the better…but it is my number 1 symptom right now keeping me up through the night at times!

Finally – baby movements/kicks. Honestly, not sure if I felt them yet. Last week, I thought it was the baby but turned out to be gas …and something happened again yesterday…but I’m guessing it was gas again! (sorry TMI!) I am not going to stress about it though – I will feel them when the time is right. Until then, will post next when I have something more important than just a pregnancy update.

Second trimester – a new beginning

I feel like a new person since yesterday AM – the “almost” beginning of our second trimester.

I say “almost” because for me I have decided that my second trimester will begin at 13w3d and yesterday I was 13w. DH and I have been having this disagreement on whether I am in the second trimester or not. I honestly don’t know what the correct way of calculating one’s trimester beginnings is. I came across several ways on online. Some said at the end of 12w, others at the beginning of 13w and then Dr. N said that we’ve started the second trimester at 13w as well. I chose 13w3d because 40/3=13.3 🙂 (something I picked up from one the baby centre forum ladies). Though I still wonder if that is correct because if my EDD is 27-Jan-13, then wouldn’t the first three months / first trimester around 27-Jul-12?!?

Anyway, while it’s all a bit confusing for me, DH and I are truly grateful to reach this far along. I am starting to feel good about myself and everything I’ve read about the second trimester is starting to come true! I often wondered how my nausea would just drop off, can one honestly go from feeling sick through the day to waking up hungry and happy to eat. The thought of anything food-related and I had built this animosity over the last two months and I often wondered if my entire pregnancy would be that way. But all they say about sickness going away in the second trimester is true! (well, at least so far). I suddenly woke up last morning with an appetite and no nausea. The thought of going into the kitchen is no longer scary and I also learned to cope with strong smells a little better.

Last week, we had our nuchal scan and blood tests. The results all came back ok with the nuchal scan showing “low risk” for Down Syndromes. DH was allowed to come in with me for the tests and he saw our little guy (or girl) on the monitor for a full 45 mins while the technician tried to find all the right positions for measurements. We finally heard our baby’s heart beat (together) and it is a moment I will cherish forever.

The technician, however, pointed that I had low-lying placenta or partial placenta praevia at 12w. She said that while it was early, I should stay clear of bumpy roads. The funny thing about this is that all the roads in Mumbai are bumpy! DH and I didn’t want to take any changes so pretty much stayed in most of last week until we met Dr. N yesterday. He said that it’s quite common this early in pregnancy and by my 19w scan it should hopefully move up. Though, until then:

– abstain from sex: we’ve been given this advice since a few days before egg retrieval…so yes, its been really really long!

– travel by road when necessary; short distances are fine: I’m so glad he said that because now I can step out and be a little independent rather than asking everyone to run errands for me

– do everything with caution: that’s not a problem because I’ve been over-cautious since we got our BFP!

Amongst other updates, DH and I have been discussing how and when to break the pregnancy news to extended family. I want to hold on our pregnancy news and not spread the news as long as I can and DH supports me in whatever decision I take/make. Our parents and siblings already know and I like it that way. Though I do understand that I will start showing sometime soon and might not be the best way for close family friends to find out. But for now, I’m going to enjoy this new-found me and think about this a little more through the week.

PS: Forgot to mention, I’m up from a 32C to a 34C …had some retail therapy a few days back 🙂