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Third time lucky?

The stimulants seem to have worked this time around and Dr.N said my follies were growing well! (sigh of relief!) My last scan on Saturday showed five follicles roughly around the same size. I got my HcG trigger last night and am heading for egg retrieval tomorrow AM.

There’s no telling what path this cycle might take but I am just glad to be step ahead of the last two cancelled cycles- even though it’s just one step. We are making progress and that’s what counts!

All things crossed for tomorrow…


Ups and downs – that’s the way an IVF cycle goes?

So I have had an interesting week IVF progress wise. For almost a month now, I have been on Lupride4 (Lupron equivalent) waiting for the only two follies that grew after stimulants in the last cancelled cycle to shrink. The progress was very unexpected:

  • The day we cancelled IVF1.2: Follicle one at 13mm and follicle two at 15mm; we stop stimulants and start suppressants
  • Almost two weeks go by no period and not sure what’s happening; Dr. N doubles suppressant dose
  • Week 2: Follicle one at 22mm and follicle two at 26mm (wondering what’s going on…!?!); continue double dose
  • Week 3: Follicle one at 14mm and follicle two at 28mm (really?!?); had a choice of puncturing the cyst but chose to continue
  • Week 4: (seriously keeping fingers crossed now) Follicle one at >5mm and follicle two at 28mm!

On the not so positive side, we had to go through a small surgical procedure to remove the cyst (ovarian cyst aspiration) as Dr.N didn’t think this was going to go down. On the positive side, we could start stimulants as soon as the cyst had been removed as all else looked good on the scan. We checked ourselves into the clinic yesterday and fortunately it all went fine. I was out the clinic in half a day and was told to take it easy a day or so.

On the personal front, I have become more edgy, more sensitive, more moody, less accepting, less forgiving…or at least I feel that way. At times, I feel like I’m doing my best to make sure everyone around me (particularly DH) gets least affected…trying to save them from the ‘hormonal’ me. But at times I feel that me ‘trying’ to do that is probably just making things worse…for them and for me.

On that note, I will ‘try’ not to do anything different this week – probably just indulge myself in work and maybe pamper myself with a pedicure.

IVF cycle cancelled again

I have been meaning to post here since my last visit to the Dr.N five days back. However, every time I thought about what to write, my mind drew a blank.

Despite the higher dose of FSH, my scan last Saturday showed only two follicles (one on the right ovary and another on the left). The positive bit this time was that they were about the same size and growing together, the negative was that there were only two! (bummer – right!?!)

We were at a crossroads where we had to choose between going ahead with this cycle, get maybe two eggs and hope at least one of the two fertilises for transfer or cancel the cycle altogether and start again from the beginning with the highest level of FSH from day 1 of stimulants. We chose the latter and Dr. N advised that while it was a hard decision, it was the better option. So for now, I’m back on Lupride4, waiting for my period which should arrive a week to ten days time and take it from there again. You can see our TTC timeline for more details.

We chose to cancel the cycle because I wanted to make sure we had tried everything possible to get at least more than two eggs. Going through invasive procedures of egg retrieval and egg transfer knowing that the likelihood of anything positive coming out was low would just put me down mentally. Is there any guarantee that the high dose of FSH from day 1 will give me more than two eggs? Of course not! But by trying this, I feel that to some extent I will find out what my body is capable of doing (producing) at the maximum level and knowing this will better prepare me to accept and deal with our situation.

For now, immersing myself in work and distracting myself with some retail therapy! 🙂