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Second trimester – a new beginning

I feel like a new person since yesterday AM – the “almost” beginning of our second trimester.

I say “almost” because for me I have decided that my second trimester will begin at 13w3d and yesterday I was 13w. DH and I have been having this disagreement on whether I am in the second trimester or not. I honestly don’t know what the correct way of calculating one’s trimester beginnings is. I came across several ways on online. Some said at the end of 12w, others at the beginning of 13w and then Dr. N said that we’ve started the second trimester at 13w as well. I chose 13w3d because 40/3=13.3 🙂 (something I picked up from one the baby centre forum ladies). Though I still wonder if that is correct because if my EDD is 27-Jan-13, then wouldn’t the first three months / first trimester around 27-Jul-12?!?

Anyway, while it’s all a bit confusing for me, DH and I are truly grateful to reach this far along. I am starting to feel good about myself and everything I’ve read about the second trimester is starting to come true! I often wondered how my nausea would just drop off, can one honestly go from feeling sick through the day to waking up hungry and happy to eat. The thought of anything food-related and I had built this animosity over the last two months and I often wondered if my entire pregnancy would be that way. But all they say about sickness going away in the second trimester is true! (well, at least so far). I suddenly woke up last morning with an appetite and no nausea. The thought of going into the kitchen is no longer scary and I also learned to cope with strong smells a little better.

Last week, we had our nuchal scan and blood tests. The results all came back ok with the nuchal scan showing “low risk” for Down Syndromes. DH was allowed to come in with me for the tests and he saw our little guy (or girl) on the monitor for a full 45 mins while the technician tried to find all the right positions for measurements. We finally heard our baby’s heart beat (together) and it is a moment I will cherish forever.

The technician, however, pointed that I had low-lying placenta or partial placenta praevia at 12w. She said that while it was early, I should stay clear of bumpy roads. The funny thing about this is that all the roads in Mumbai are bumpy! DH and I didn’t want to take any changes so pretty much stayed in most of last week until we met Dr. N yesterday. He said that it’s quite common this early in pregnancy and by my 19w scan it should hopefully move up. Though, until then:

– abstain from sex: we’ve been given this advice since a few days before egg retrieval…so yes, its been really really long!

– travel by road when necessary; short distances are fine: I’m so glad he said that because now I can step out and be a little independent rather than asking everyone to run errands for me

– do everything with caution: that’s not a problem because I’ve been over-cautious since we got our BFP!

Amongst other updates, DH and I have been discussing how and when to break the pregnancy news to extended family. I want to hold on our pregnancy news and not spread the news as long as I can and DH supports me in whatever decision I take/make. Our parents and siblings already know and I like it that way. Though I do understand that I will start showing sometime soon and might not be the best way for close family friends to find out. But for now, I’m going to enjoy this new-found me and think about this a little more through the week.

PS: Forgot to mention, I’m up from a 32C to a 34C …had some retail therapy a few days back 🙂