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That’s the date we meet our baby!!!

Our last two visits to the Dr.S were about the checking all vitals and determining when the baby would come into this world and in our arms. We almost always knew that we’d have an elective c-section mostly because of the history and then the low lying placenta. Dr.S doesn’t want to take any chances and neither do we. Though what I didn’t know was that we get to pick the date!

Can you imagine? After all this uncertainty starting from the ectopics, the IVF treatments etc and none of it going as planned…was pleasantly surprised that we had some certainty here. We got to pick the baby’s birth date, give birth in a controlled environment where chances of things going south are limited. Of course, you still never know in case something goes wrong but this is as controlled as it gets. Hopefully the only surprise on Tuesday will be the baby’s gender!

Dr.S gave us three dates and we picked the middle one (no apparent reason). We kept this to ourselves because if our parents were involved they’d look for an “auspicious” day and try to time it all. For DH and I, it didn’t matter. The day our baby comes into the world will be a good day …the best day of our lives!

So now we have less than 72 hours to go…wish us luck! Can’t believe it’s all happening 😊


At the brink of 37 weeks

Happy 2014 everyone!

This time last year if someone told me that I would be close to full term pregnant with a singleton dancing inside of me on new year’s eve, I would have shyly dismissed what they said and in my heart of hearts said to myself ‘I wish!’.

Well, our wish did come true and its so so so unbelievable that it’s all happening. DH always had faith in God and said it would happen for us someday and I honestly didn’t want to expect anything. I didn’t think it would work for us in the first full IVF attempt and would take much longer. In retrospect, now, at times, it seems like time has just flown by and it wasn’t all that long though if I look at our entire journey with the ectopics, it is not that short after all!

So, here is our 36 week + update:


Last week DH hosted a surprise baby shower for me with the help of my sister and sister-in-law. It was the sweetest thing ever and I sure was surprised. Apparently, he has been planning this from September 2013 and I was most surprised by the guest list – I wouldn’t have had it any different! He made sure he called all my friends (some of whom he probably has just heard of and never met). With all our history we haven’t really announced our pregnancy so very sweetly DH first called them and gave them the news and then informed them about the party. I was (still am) very moved and grateful. So much love being showered on one person…its just too much to handle.

DH and I spoke of a traditional Indian baby shower also known as ‘Godh Bharai’ several times since our first trimester. It is a ceremony performed in front of God (or a small temple at home) where the mother-in-law (MIL) and other ladies in the family shower the mom-to-be with blessings in the seventh month of the pregnancy. For several reasons – mostly our history – I didn’t want one. Every mom-to-be here would love to have one because it’s all about the baby and her and most importantly blessings for both. For me, I didn’t want the attention towards me or the baby and I felt that any unwanted attention would just jinx it all for us. I wanted to be cautious. The topic came up several times because the ceremony itself means a lot to my MIL. The guest list would cover many of her friends and family members on my in-laws side that I just didn’t want deal with.  At that time, I said that if anything were to happen it would happen in the last month of my pregnancy or not at all otherwise (hoping we’d be out of the woods and safe by then). And I guess, that’s exactly how DH planned it. He hosted the modern shower for me (which is something I would’ve wanted- low key, fun with just my close friends and family) last week and now this weekend we’re having a traditional Indian shower the way my MIL would like it. I loved the first surprise and am going to count my blessings through this one as well though I’m well prepared for lots of unsolicited advice from our guests. Will try my best to just go with the flow.

Amongst non-baby shower related update, I’m doing surprisingly good. I’m getting bigger and slower each day…getting tired and energetic at the same time. As much as I try not to waddle, I end up waddling. Emotionally, for the bits under my control, I’m fine but when hormones kick in, I cry for no reason and then start laughing a couple of minutes later. There are a lot of random things happening physically and mentally and at times, its difficult to for me to see myself clearly. The only one thing I know clearly as on today is that “I am ready”. Our hospital bags are packed for me and the baby and so are other bags and boxes that I need to transfer to my Mom’s place (Digression: don’t think I mentioned this here before…that I’m moving to my mum’s for the first two months after the baby is born. Its a norm here in India and I would’ve reconsidered if DH and I lived by ourselves. But we live with my in-laws and I would rather be at my mum’s than here. Hopefully, DH will manage to be there everyday as well.) So yes, moving to mum’s straight from the hospital. For that, we’re setting up baby and my room at mum’s today. Pretty much set I guess.

I am ready for this baby, I am ready to be a mother, I am ready to give it my all, I am ready to do anything and everything for this baby and I will not be considerate of others (mainly unsolicited advice from family members) at the cost of this baby. For DH and I, we’ve waited and wanted this baby for a long time and everything in our lives going forward this baby comes first.


We went for our fortnightly check up early this week and all is well with the baby. Still in correct head down position (good baby!), growing, moving around. My weight gain has sort of accelerated these last couple of weeks. Today, I am 63.4kg at almost 37weeks from a 48.5kg at the start of the this pregnancy. Again, normal. All other vitals also normal.

Dr.S recommended the fatal non-stress test (NST) since it had been a couple of weeks since my last scan and to make sure the baby is doing ok. I’d never heard of this one before so wasn’t sure what to expect. Apparently, they loosely tie a belt around the bump to measure the fetal heart rate and then the nurse gave me a buzzer to press each time the baby moved. In all, I was told to lay still for about 20 mins and then I heard the sound…the baby’s heart beat! 🙂 20 mins of me in a room just hearing this little one’s heart beat …what else would I want to be doing on a weekday afternoon!?! On the side, I could see a report being printed, something like an adult cardiogram (the graph that shows fluctuations in heart beats) and I thought it looked pretty good given my limited knowledge. The baby’s heart rate was between 139 bpm to 145 bpm. I was thinking, that’s stable and good right? Wrong! The nurse said she wanted more movement, more spikes and that Dr.S would make me repeat the test. Since this happened around lunch time the nurse said that the flat graph was mostly due to an empty stomach and suggested I eat lunch and come back. Who would’ve thought, she was absolutely right! As soon as I started eating, the baby was so active and moving about constantly. So much so, that the second time we went for the test, the baby’s heart rate was between 148 bpm to 170+ bpm – just as she’d wanted!

So all in all, baby is doing fine. Given our history, we’re having an elective c-section but more on that in my next post.

My favourite moment these days:

I think I have mentioned this earlier that I talk and sing to the baby as and when we are alone. These days, its more likely that baby squirms about more often than he/she did earlier despite the restricted space (no patterns honestly). For me, I talk to the baby and the baby moves, and I sing to the baby and the baby moves. Our baby hears my voice and responds! (that’s the bubble I live in…but again, I don’t care and love believing it!).

34 week update

We’ve made it across the “safe” zone this week and are counting our blessings. I stumbled on this list of questions used by a fellow blogger and thought I’d do my next update using those (with some additions of my own).

How far along:
34weeks and 3 days

How big is baby:
They say a large cantaloupe! 🙂

Last scan:

All seems normal. Baby’s vital parts are all around the 34week+ mark. Amniotic fluid is normal. Fetal heart rate of 145bpm. Placenta low lying and 2.5cms away from internal OS (moved up slightly from 1.7cm @30weeks)

What the last scan indicates:
All is normal 🙂 we are what seems to be a safe zone now (in case I go into labour anytime before I’m due). All developments are done and now the baby is only putting on weight. The baby is also in the correct position and since the placenta has moved up, the head is possibly clear for normal delivery. Though Dr.S says ours is a “precious” baby and given our history it’s most likely to be an elective c-section. She even went ahead and told us to pick an approximate date!

Approximate birth date:
13th – 18th January 2014

Lots of jabs all over the bump and more and more each day. I think our baby already has a personality because it’s most active when I’m by myself or DH and I are alone. I also discovered that it calms down when I play this one Indian prayer. I wonder if it will help calm our baby when he or she is fussy (wishful thinking?!? Maybe!)

The less said the better. There are good sleep days and then there are full nights of trying every possible position to fall asleep. I am carrying high so I feel many jabs in my ribs particularly when I’m lying down and trying to sleep. But honestly, doesn’t bother me one bit when I think of our little one in our arms a few weeks from now.

What do I miss:
Nothing really 🙂 I love being the way I am…bigger, bloatier, heavier, waddling like a duck when most of maternity wear is also not very helpful. I am only counting our blessings that we’re almost making it across now. I will admit I’m getting clumsier and forgetful by the day.

Best moment of this week:
Loads but one of them surely stands out. My sister is visiting us with her girls (aged 3 and 4). They refer to the baby as “Baby B” (our last name begins with a “B”). I try and spend most of my day with them and every now and then when they whiz past me they would both either gently caress the bump or give gentle kisses (a totally “awww” moment) asking me “Is baby B doing ok?”.

What I’m looking forward to:
Our baby’s arrival and keeping all things crossed for things to go smoothly.

Less than one month to go!