Insomnia – a side effect of Lupride4?

Last night, after 4 days on Lupride4, hot flushes started kicking in. If I had the air conditioning on, I was cold and if I had it off, I was hot. There was no correct temperature and I was super restless. I was tired and exhausted by the time it was 1pm but I just couldn’t fall asleep!

A quick search showed that insomnia is also a side effect of these suppressant injections. Apparently you get all the symptoms of being menopausal and they get better only once your’ve started stimulation.

I read, walked around and even had a glass of hot milk to see if it helps, But nothing helped… I finally fell asleep at 3pm. Really hoping tonight is better as I am a 7am flight to catch tomorrow.

On a separate note, AF arrival symptoms seem to have disappeared. I stopped spotting a day after the first shot. Will add the a spottometer (my own scale to monitor spotting) update going forward. I’m on day 22 of my menstrual cycle so it might show up on time after all.

(PS: AF showed up shortly after publishing this post!)


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